Record of Achievement

All students at The Chantry are expected to purchase a Record of Achievement Folder for use throughout their time with us. Folders will be bought at the start of Year 7 and kept in school for use in Form Time with their tutors to record their achievements and successes both in school and out of school. The present cost of the folders is £6.00. For students already in the school, they can cash in their Achievement Points (as part of the school rewards system) to gain the folder at half price.

Record of Achievement Folder


This folder:

helps you to organize your career planning

provides you with an impressive document to take with you on interviews

is a useful place to store other documents that are evidence of your achievements during and after your time at The Chantry.

To help you create an impressive document, you can download the documents on this page.  In each there are tips on what to write and frames to structure your writing. Save the document into your own user area/ folder at home or in school. Type in your information and delete the instructions. You will complete many of the sheets with your Form Tutor during school time but these will be hand written in most instances.

When you have completed the sheets, the school will provide you with some special good quality water marked paper on which to print (Year 11 only).

Record of Achievement Documents

Record of Achievement Folder Year 7 - 9 form tutor instructions

Record of Achievement Form tutor instructions

The Chantry Action Plan

The Chantry Action Plan Yr9

The Chantry Personal statement

The Chantry Progress Check Review

The Chantry ROA Achievements and experiences

The Chantry ROA CV

The Chantry ROA Employment details

The Chantry Skills and Abilities




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