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Please take a look at our Chantry Fruit-Full Project that has been going on throughout the year

Here is our Applefest (October 2011) flyer and report

Fruit-full Schools launched in England in April 2010 with the announcement of our fifty participating secondary schools. We’ve chosen five in each government region so that we can spread the learning as widely as possible.

Each regional cluster is being supported on the ground by a Fruit-full Schools coordinator who’s an accredited Learning through Landscapes Professional. As well as providing their own green-fingered expertise, they’ll be helping schools to make links with local orchard groups and engage hundreds of parent and community volunteers.

Coordinators will draw on support from a national partnership led by Learning through Landscapes; the national charity working to ensure that every child enjoys stimulating and memorable outdoor learning and play. Garden Organic will provide technical training, easy-to-use resources and advice in grafting and tree care. Common Ground brings unrivalled knowledge of traditional fruit varieties, local distinctiveness and our wealth of customs and festivals.

Together, we’ve designed a programme which will support children and young people to research, graft and grow at least 2,000 heritage fruit trees and establish orchards in 200 schools throughout England. On the way we’ll be engaging 65,000 children, young people and community members in activities to improve understanding of the cultural diversity and benefits of locally produced food.

We’ve put together a range of activities over the next four years which will benefit children and young people’s learning and wellbeing, as well as helping to enrich our natural environment. By thinking about each schools’ needs, we’ll ensure that their orchards are valued and well looked after for years to come.

This brief overview provides a taste of what will be happening in Fruit-full Schools in England over the next four years:

The Chantry applied to participate in this project in early 2010 and were one of the 5 successful High schools selected from what was apparently a strong field of interested schools. There were a number of reasons why Chantry applied for this challenging project but initially it was down to the interest of Mr. Allison and the involvement of a strong sustainability commitment mostly driven by the enthusiasm of Mrs. Pat Owen (School Governor) and Mr. Rupert Brakespear (County Sustainability advisor). All three recognised the importance of preserving the traditional English orchards with their distinct old varieties of apples. These orchards provide us with such a wealth of resources including traditional activities such as Apple fairs, wassailing, and blossom day celebration, biodiversity and a whole host of curriculum learning experiences.

We have been extremely fortunate to enlist the support of Mrs. Karen Limbrick who has proved to be superb in her role as an advisor and her encouragement for each stage of our project has been very much appreciated. We have also been lucky to draw upon the experience of local community members who have already taken an active part in our different activities. These include:- Heather Randell whose enthusiasm for the cause has been ‘infectious’ providing numerous anecdotes about so many different aspects of orchard work. The students have found their visits to Heather’s Kings Green orchard extremely interesting. Karol Crabtree (Willow End orchard)who has allowed us to use her orchard as an educational resource.
Wade Muggleton- who has been fabulous in teaching us about the history of orchards and the skills involved in grafting. Although Wade does not like to see himself as an expert, his knowledge of the different apple varieties has already proved to be useful at our Applefest event.
Peter Von Tongeren (Mill cottage orchard) parent of former Chantry students has given us the benefit of his expertise in running a successful local fruit farm.                                                                                                                                       I must also take this opportunity of thanking members of our community who have contributed in other ways. I have been extremely appreciative of all those people who have contributed apple varieties for our Applefest displays particularly Mr.Peter Hawkins from Lingens farm who has embarked upon a most impressive scheme which has involved planting over 300 fruit trees, many of which include old traditional apple varieties.  Mr. Snead from Herefordshire who helped out at the Applefest and also provided us with a number of apple varieties from his local area.Finally, I must not forget what is probably the most important group of people and that is the students at the Chantry. The whole project centres around raising awareness of the importance of preserving our apple heritage. The students are extremely important in that they represent the next generation and no matter what we do over the next 10 years or so, it these people who will carry on the important task of passing on the heritage to their children thus making it sustainable through the ages. It was decided to involve the Year 7 group who started the Chantry in Sept 2009 in order for the same group to see out the 4 year programme during their time at the Chantry.

For more information visit or contact Mr.Allison at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Chantry School were winners of the National orchard design competition 2011 winning a prize of £1,000 worth of apple equipment!

The Chantry was delighted to receive news of their success in a national fruit competition. The Chantry orchard group were identified as one of the top 3 schools in the country for their design for the school orchard. This competition was for all the 50 schools participating in the 4 year‘Fruit Full’ project sponsored by Learning through Landscapes and Common Ground. The Chantry is one of 5 High schools selected from the Midland region with the main objective of raising awareness of the importance of preserving our traditional apple varieties. The prize for each of the top three schools is £1000 worth of apple products.

This included:

1. Apple Press for crushing the apples.

2. Apple juicer for juicing the crushed apples

3. 2 dozen bottles

4. Pastauriser to kill off the yeast in the bottled juice.

5. Fruit drier

6. Apple picker

7. Buckets, gloves and funnels.

8. Secateurs

Well done to the Year 9 Orchard team!



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