April 2012: Breaking News: Chantry has been given a handful of Olympic Football tickets!!!
March 2012: Miss Robinson invited her Boccia leaders to a day at the Paralympics 2012.
Feb 2012: Tutor Groups: You should now know which country you will be representing on Sports day.
Jan 2012: Did you know the Chantry is part of the Olympic Get Set Network?
This means: 

This means we have strong Olympic and Paralympic values

The Chantry will have an Olympic style Sports Day

There will be challenges for your tutor group leading up to sports day

Your form will represent a nation

The school will be given an allocation of Olympic tickets for some lucky students

To keep up to date with all of this please join the Olympic Network by following this link:

 Click HERE to see the schools Olymic blog - the code to use is: 77179-robinson


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