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Throughout the time in Year 10 & 11 all students get the opportunity to choose their route through the OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT (course code J800). This course contains two complusory units, the first being the exam preparation unit and the second being a "Using ICT to Create a Business Solution".

Further to this all students have to choose a further two units from the following options:

Unit 3 - Data handling using spreadsheets.

Unit 4 - Data handling using databases.

Unit 5 - Creating digital images.

Unit 6 - Creating an interactive product using multimedia.

Unit 7 - Creating a dynamic product using sound and vision.

Unit 8 - Introduction to programming.

Unit 9 - Exploring computer hardware and networks.

Unit 10 - Developing control systems.

Unit 11 - Understanding technology - a project approach. 

Useful Resources

Below are some links to websites that support the course. 


Teach ICT    



Learn ICT



BBC Bitesize ICT



ICT Web - key terms



Revise ICT



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