Business Year 11


The beginning of Year 11 is dedicated to students completing the planning an enterprise activity for the Applefest, to raise money for charity. By now they have a good understanding of the key aspects of setting up a business, and contribute to all areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Production. At this stage of the course they should be in the marketing and preparation stages for the final event. 

After the event all students are required to evaluate their success and review their business plan in light of their achievements. 

 UNIT 62

Unit 2 is also completed in Year 11, and aims to prepare students for the world of work. Students participate in mock interviews, prepare job applications and develop their career plans. 

Within this unit students are expected to be able to demonstrate a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the main reasons for, and methods of business recruitment.

Students should be able to make reasoned and fully realistic decisions when choosing suitable employment area, identifying a wide range of roles within it, demonstrating understanding of most types of roles and working practices.

They must then select a job role with reasoned and thorough rationale. Identifing many relevant skills and competencies from a job description and a person specification.

Following this students are then to compile a CV, complete an application form and write an application cover letter for a specific scenario.


Finally students prepare for an interview and follow this up with an extensive evaluation of the process to be able to plan for future scenario's similar to this. 

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