Business Year 10

Unit 61 

In Year 10, students begin by learning about the essential factors needed to plan and set up a business, such as Ownership, Business Objectives, Functional Areas and External Factors. They then apply this knowledge by planning and setting up an enterprise activity in small groups. This not only develops understanding of the key topics covered in Unit 1, but also essential skills needed in the working world such as teamwork, leadership, organisation and communication. We have links with local farmers’ markets and businesses, which enables students to gain valuable advice for the launch of their business. Our groups have also been invited to trade at local events.

Students attending the Local Farmers Market 2014

 busiess 2

By the end of Year 10, students complete Unit 61, which is assessed through a 1 hour exam at the end of the year.

(See the resources page for links to pass papers and mark schemes)


In Year 10 students also start work on Unit 63, which applies the theory knowledge from the exam preparation to setting up their own business. This is assessed through portfolio work and delivered through five  lessons a fortnight. 

Learning Outcome (LO) 1

Students must learn to:

Describe the key factors that influence the viability of a business venture,

Generate a selection of ideas with orginality,

Create detailed SWOT analyse's for each idea; and 

Discuss this with peers.


Learning Outcome (LO) 2

Students must learn to:

Create a detailed Business Plan, drawing on the experience from the previous theory unit.


Learning Outcome (LO) 3

Students must learn to:

Produce a comprehensive and appropriate project plan, which  clearly outlines the key phases and responsibilities within the activity.

Produce relevant and useful business documentation to market the product/service; and

Communicate effectively through a variety of forms.

Learning Outcome (LO) 4

Students must learn to:

Provide evidence of collaborating with others, dellagate tasks; and produce a selection of marketing material to promote their business venture. This must be monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure they meet key deadlines in line with their project plan. 

Learning Outcome (LO) 5

Students must learn to:

Evaluate and review the success of the business venture.

Be critical in their analysis of their success, using the SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed) principles. 

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