KS3 Extended Independent Learning Tasks 2013-14

Please note that the attached documents include ALL levels. Please only do your assigned level. 

WEEK COMMENCING Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
 Maths  Science  DT
22 September 2014  English  History  Maths
06 October 2014  Geography  Maths  MFL/IT
03 November 2014  MFL  DT  English
17 November 2014  Science  Geography  Art
01 December 2014  Performing Art  English  Science F&H
14 December 2014  READ  READ  READ
05 January 2015   Maths  Art  English
19 January 2015   DT  Performing Art  Geography
02 February 2015   English  Science  MFL - F & G
23 February 2015   MFL  RE  Science
09 March 2015   History  Maths  Maths
23 March 2015   READ  READ  READ
13 April 2015  Art  English  Performing Art 
27 April 2015   RE  DT  RE
11 May 2015   Maths  Science  English
01 June 2015   DT  MFL  History
15 June 2015 English Maths-1to4-5to6  Science
29 June 2015 Science English Maths


In addition to these Extended Tasks, some subjects will set small weekly tasks to enable preparation for certain lessons. Examples include Art, Geography, Languages and English. All subjects may from time to time.

In the first term all pupils will, through History, be required to work at home to improve drafts of their work in order to produce an 'excellent' extended written task. This drafting and editing should take place three times in 7 weeks (no less than 30 mins and no more than an hour)


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