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The Wyche School Curriculum

The opening sentence of the National Curriculum (2000) draws a distinction between
what it terms the School Curriculum and the National Curriculum.

The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences
that each school plans for its pupils. The National Curriculum is an
important element of the school curriculum      (National Curriculum p10)

A statement reiterated in the new National Curriculum 2014

The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences
that each school plans for its pupils. The national curriculum forms
one part of the school curriculum.         (National Curriculum 2.2)

The Wyche Curriculum seeks to articulate all that we would wish to see taught
throughout the school. It is founded on aims and values drawn from various
stakeholder groups and seeks to articulate the major learning goals that
children should strive to achieve in their time here.

A summary document providing an overview of the Wyche Curriculum
Download a summary copy of the School Curriculum

The following documents can be read either as separate articles
but also form a cohesive document if read consecutively

A curriculum for the 21st Century

Developing The Wyche Curriculum

What makes a good vehicle?

What does planning look like?

Does the Creative Curriculum Raise Standards?

 Assessing the Social Curriculum - The Journey so far

Managing the Process of Change

Download the complete set of documents
Click here to download a PDF of all the articles


Wyche Curriculum Exemplars

Click on the book cover below to open an e-book demonstrating
some of the projects undertaken through the Wyche Curriculum

Wyche Curriculum Exemplar

The following project was undertaken by Year 6 and has been captured on film
by the Bloodhound Team who are seeking to break the land speed record
Throughout the project the children worked alongside their engineers,
ably supported by Mr Tillett who acted as their local ambassador .
This film is a summary of the term's work and was shown in the House of Commons
as an example of excellent practice in primary schools



Click on the links to download the following Powerpoints


University of Worcester: PGCE Curriculum Conference 2019

NaPTEC Conference: The Curriculum 57 Varieties

Westminster Insight: New Ofsted Inspection Framework Conference

Barton Bradley, Newton Abbot: The Case for a School Curriculum

Barton Bradley, Newton Abbot: The Wyche Curriculum:

Barton Bradley, Newton Abbot: Curriculum Congruity

Barton Bradley, Newton Abbot: Curriculum and Authentic Contexts

University of Worcester: Maths Conference 2019

Reading University Schools Direct Keynote 2018: What is Teaching All About?

University of Worcester: Teaching for Today

Winchester University Mastery Conference: Mastery of What?

Reading University Graduation Keynote 2017: What is Teaching All About?

All Souls School, Westminster, London: The Future and the Curriculum

All Souls School, Westminster, London: Assessing a Social Curriculum

All Souls School, Westminster, London: What is Education For?

Reading University Graduation Keynote 2016: Teaching and Values

Westminster Headteacher's Conference: Leadership and Well Being

University of Worcester: Maths Conference

Worcestershire Diocese: Distinctively Christian Education

Graduation Ceremony 2015, Reading University: What is Teaching Really all about?

Bedfordshire Head's Conference: Innovative Curriculum

Global Learning National Conference: Links with an African School

University of Worcester: The Creative Curriculum

Worcestershire Diocese: What on earth is Spirituality?

Hanover, Germany: School Leadership across the EU

Graduation Ceremony 2014, Reading University: 21st Century Curriculum

Values Conference: Values, Spirituality and the Curriculum

Reading University: The Future and the School Curriculum

University of Worcester: Global Learning in Primary Schools (Education Studies Module)

University of Worcester: Maths - Assessment and Differentiation (Module PGMR4001)

Southampton University: The Wyche Curriculum

University of Worcester: Creativity and the School Curriculum

Diocesan Leadership Conference: Leadership of a Church School

NCSL Leadership Conference: School Leadership

Beacons Conference (University of Worcester): Equality for All

Maths Association: Maths in a holistic curriculum

University of Worcester: OFSTED and Educational Values

Gloucestershire Headteachers: The School Curriculum

Wyche School: Environment and Classroom Culture

Wyche School: Brain Compatible Learning

Wyche School: Multiple Intelligence

Wyche School: Teaching, Learning and the Future

Wyche School: Mathematical Calculation at The Wyche

Wyche School: Self Esteem-A New Framework

University of Worcester: Lecture to PGCE Students by Red Class


Wyche Curriculum - QCA Film
View the film of the School Curriculum on the QCA website


Wyche School - Articles on Pedagogy

The following links are to articles written by the Headteacher
which all relate  to the Educational Pedagogy of the school



 Master and Miss - Will Mastery lead to Missery?

Self Esteem - What is it really?

Assessment without levels

  The Lion the Wyche and the Learning
(The principle of "Situational Learning")

Implementing the new National Curriculum 2014

Implementing the new National Curriculum 2014 - Postscript

What on earth (or heaven) is Spirituality?

The Beguiling Myth of Child Initiated Learning

Are Walt and Wilf really Wes ?
(A critical look at the role of Learning Objectives)

What's wrong with Pencils on the floor?
(Classroom environment and its impact on learning)

Lesson Observations: How can we have got it so wrong?

Why did I have to be born in August?
(Answers to the "Summer Born" Debate)

Would it be kinder to have SEAL put down?
(A critical analysis of Social and Emotional Learning)

Effective Practice Case Study 1
(Produced for the LA Curriculum Innovation Website)

Effective Practice Case Study 2
(Produced for the LA Curriculum Innovation Website)

My Favourite Geography Lesson
(Article from Primary Geographer)



Emergent Maths. What is it?

 The problem with Problems

The Partitioning Predicament

The shallow Strategy of Counting On

Worksheets: Chief suspect in murder of Creativity
(A critical use of Workbooks in the Shanghai Maths Curriculum)

Confusing Children Enhances Learning - Discuss

The Teaching of Mathematical Calculation (KS2)

Transition to Formal Written Methods

The Teaching of Mathematical Understanding (KS1)


for Teachers, Parents and Children

Click here to access the Interactive Wyche Calculation Tool


Is Guided Reading a figment of the literary imagination?

Front and End Loading in Writing

The Teaching of Spelling and the use of Phonics

Phonics - Theory into Practice

The Teaching of Writing - A Pedagogy

The Teaching of Writing - A Planning Framework


What is Community Cohesion?

Rationale for Developing a Global Link


Autonomy and Trust in the Finnish School System


Creativity or Accountability - A Philosophical Dilemma


Films about the School

This film was part of a suite of films recorded at The Wyche by the Local Authority as part of
their "Teaching and Learning" DVD. The full set of films is available from Worcestershire LA


Links to other films

Another Exemplar film from the Worcestershire Teaching and Learning DVD

 QCA Moderator Training for the Foundation Stage (Title Sequence)

 QCA Moderator Training for the Foundation Stage (Exemplar materials)


Links to Other Schools

The Wyche Curriculum has been the inspiration behind
many curriculum initiatives across the country.
The links below all relate to schools that have graciously acknowledged
the role of The Wyche in developing the curriculum in their own schools, they
offer an insight into how the Wyche Curriculum can be interpreted in different settings

The Stoke Minster CE(A) Primary School Curriculum

Observing Primary Literacy - Margaret Perkins

Worcester University

The Grove Academy, Slough



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