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Wyche CE Primary School

Lower Wyche Road
WR14 4ET
Tel/Fax: 01684 573205

Email: office@wyche.worcs.sch.uk

Website: www.wyche.worcs.sch.uk
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Headteacher: Geoff Rutherford


Welcome to The Wyche!



May I first congratulate you on your appointment to The Wyche and I trust your time working here will be a long and happy one. Whilst all the staff will endeavour to make you feel welcome and at home on a day to day basis there are aspects of the management of the school which you will need to assimilate into your day to day working practice. So whilst this induction process may appear a little dry and formal it is our hope that its contents should allow you to integrate quickly and more easily into the school.

A key feature in the induction process is to ascertain who your line manager is because in the first instance they will be detailed to offer the support and assistance you need at all stages in this process.
For the Deputy Head the line manager is the Headteacher
For Teachers the line manager is the Headteacher
For Classroom assistants the immediate line manager is the classteacher
For cleaners the line manager is the headteacher
All other support staff within the school have the headteacher as their line manager

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of the induction process please address these to your appropriate line manager or to the headteacher.



All new employees are required to fill in a Health Declaration form this can be found at the link below
MRF1 Health Declaration Form


You are required to be trained in safeguarding. This will be delivered by the school's DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

All staff are required to have a working knowledge of the following documents. All of these can be accessed through the links below.

The following documents are for those staff who have a class based role e.g. teachers and teaching assistants

When you acquainted with all the appropriate documents and undertaken all the training please click on this link Induction Performa and download the form returning it to the school office once completed and signed.