Wychumvi - Oliver raises money for Gofu Juu



Oliver Rickard raised 220 for Gofu Juu riding across the Malverns,
this is his diary of the event

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On Sunday 26th June at 10 O'clock we travelled to the start of the 4.66 mile Malvern Hills Challenge ready to tackle the off road tracks of the Malverns

Gofu Juu School Badge
Gofu Juu Staff
Wychumvi And off we go!

We split the course into two sections, the first being 2.55 miles to my home for lunch and a rest

The second stage was tricky riding but I made it to the end, tred but happy to complete it

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  One of the many needed refreshment stops on the journey
After 1 hour 40 minutes of cycling, I finally completed the challenge

We have raised 220 for the next Gofu Juu project

Thank you to everyone for your support


    Message from Mr Rutherford

Well done Oliver, this is a truly great achievement. A few weeks after the cycle ride Esther, William and Lucy arrived from Gofu Juu and we were able to tell them all about the ride in one of our assemblies. Esther told us that the school is trying to feed some of the orphans in Year 7 with a meal of rice and beans each day and the money Oliver raised will help with this project.