Wychumvi - Letter from the Trustees


The Charity
When Mr Rutherford returned from Tanzania in Autumn 2008 he highlighted the plight of the orphans at our link school in Gofu Juu. Many parents, like ourselves, felt a real desire to help this worthy cause and in June 2009 a group of us met at the school to discuss possible options for supporting these children. The meeting concluded with the feeling that a charity should be established and that in the first instance this should focus on providing adequate food and nutrition for the orphans in the school. This letter is written to you by the three trustees who were elected at the meeting and will operate the charity on behalf of the school community. Along with the trustees there are 12 other parents who have formed a committee to support the work.

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The Name of the Charity: “Wychumvi”

The word “Wyche” means “Salt”.
In Swahili the word for salt is; “chumvi”

Salt is both a preservative and flavouring for food but in many cultures is also a sign of friendship.
The phrase “to share the salt” symbolises the hospitality and companionship of sharing a meal together.
Wychumvi represents the two school communities building friendship through the sharing of meals.
It will also not have escaped the notice of some that the central four letters emphasise this bond by spelling out the word “Chum”

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The Needs
When Esther (headteacher at Gofu Juu) vistied the Wyche in June 2009 Mr Rutherford asked how we, the parents here at The Wyche, could best support the 161 orphans who are at the school. Her overwhelming feelings were that the primary need was for food, as some of these children have no extended family to support them and their school meal may be their only meal of the day. As Esther said, “sometimes pupils fall down because they have nothing to eat.” As with most work in the developing world the price differentials allow for a minimal amount of money to make a major impact. Some of the costs are outlined below. To provide:

a)      A piece of fruit for a child is 2p a day

b)      A bowl of Ugi (maize, water and sugar) for a child is 5p a day

c)      A meal of rice with beans, ugal beans and vegetables is 25p a day.

This means that in a year of 180 school days it would cost £3.60 to replicate the, ‘Free Fruit’ scheme the Key Stage 1 children benefit from within our own school. Similarly £9 would fund a bowl of ugi for a child for a year.. This meal, whilst not appetising, provides them with much of their daily nutrition. £45 provides a child with a school meal throughout the year.

Community Based
The committee, and ourselves as trustees, feel that the work should be community based. It should have a focus on one school community seeking to work with and alongside the other. To this end whilst any giving may well be individual in the first instance it will arrive into the charity and create a corporate sum that will be used to meet the needs of the orphans in Gofu Juu.

Each Class
Each class will make a corporate contribution to the well being of these children; they could run cake sales or other fund raising initiatives, and this will allow all children to feel they are making a positive contribution to the lives of others in another continent.

Individual Gifts
There are many in the school community who have expressed a desire to contribute to the project personally or as families. The charity can facilitate this as any regular giving will provide access to Gift Aid which means that further funds are donated to the charity. We are very grateful to Steve Ollis who has agreed to take on the administration of this work. If this is an area you wish to support then please fill in the form at the end of the letter. There is no compulsion to sign up for any period of time and the filling of the form does not tie you into anything permanent as the giving can start and stop at any time. However a certain level of initial commitment will allow Esther to gauge the level of funding and therefore make the necessary practical arrangements back in Tanga. As the thrust of the project is as much social and providing an opportunity for children to participate, there is no downward limit on support and any contributions will be valued. The practicalities of how funding is collated will be sent out in the Autumn when a bank account and other details have been formally established. All contributions will be received in confidence.

Other Areas for Support
It may be that your own interest in the project was not along the lines of regular Gift Aid giving but was to support the project in other ways. If this is the case then please outline these below as this will assist us in any future planning and allow us to call on people who have offered certain areas and levels of support.

No overheads
As the project will be run by parental volunteers there will be no administration costs and therefore all the funds will directly go to supporting the orphans.

As trustees we are excited by both the link between the two schools as well as the additional work that will be undertaken by the charity. It is our intention that this work will not only enrich the lives and well being of children in Tanzania but will strengthen our own children’s understanding of the world, developing not just a sense of empathy for those in need, but seeing themselves as a key part of the solution.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Green, Claire Finch, Stephen Pickering
(Trustees of the Charity)