Wychumvi - Esther's Report July 2011

Links   Wychumvi - Esther's Report (2) July 2011 (The text is in her own words)

Our thanks from school committee for your help to our pupils of Gofu Juu
The school committee, parents and children of Gofu Juu are grateful to you for what you have done for our pupils.

Your assistance has turned our school to a place which attracts the pupils to attend school continuously. The Ugi project has helped our pupils to raise their standard of learning in school.

Your Ugi project to our school has done the following:

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  1. Through drinking ugi and fruit eating every day has cut down the absence in every class.
  2. The school has become the best school in Tanga in terms of the environment
  3. We have a big vegetable garden which helps us to produce money for buying some milk to mix to the Ugi.
  4. We thank also for the Skype which we hadn�t in our school
  5. We thank also for the help of electricity bills, water bills and broadband.

Wychumvi - Esther's Report (1) June 2010 (The text is in her own words)

Here before on behalf of my fellow teachers from Tanzania I would like to thank God for his spirit to us in our long travel from Tanzania to here UK
After this on behalf of Gofu Juuí s staff, parents and pupils at all together with our school committee I would also like to thank you, all of our trustees, Wyche CE School Staffs and school committee for everything you did and you still do for us especially in strength of the orphan project at Gofu Juu (Uji drinking).

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The pupils and parents of Gofu Juu primary school gave us a lot of greetings to you and thank mostly the orphans one. They said, No an additional word above thanks very much and ask to Lord to bless you in everything you do within your daily life. In this project many good results have been happen on, but some of them can be mention as following:

  1. Good attendances: The pupils are now attend the lessons much enough while before they were escape and others sleep in class during the lesson because of filling hungry,
  2. Good subjects understanding:-Now days the pupils are participating well in the classes before and after drinking, uji and allow the teachers to give them the aimed things in the class effectively, thatís why their performance grow longer.
  3. Health improvements:  Physically you can see the orphans pupils look healthier here means they have a new hope and they fill happy to each other.