The School Badge - Gofu Juu

Links   The badge is the badge
of Tanga City Council

The top of the badge is a crown shape and signifies that a good education makes you a King

This phrase means "Tanga Municipal council"

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Gofu Juu Homepage

The round ball
signifies "Sport"

The boat signifies the importance of shipping and Fishing to Tanga

Tanzania Tourist Board
Esther's Blog Tanzania Facts BBC
Gofu Juu School Badge

Shule means School
Msingi means Primary

The open book represents all that is good about education

Tanzania Climate
Gofu Juu Staff Current Weather in Tanga
Wychumvi The sash reminds each child to be a good ambassador for school

The sash is to be
worn with pride

Tanzanian News
Wyche School Homepage    

The school motto is on the sash it reads "Education is the key of life"

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