Life at Gofu Juu and The Wyche

Esther (The headteacher at Gofu Juu sends us  brief updates of all that is happening in the school.
These are archived on this page and will build up to complete a unique diary in the life
 of an African School which you can compare with our life at The Wyche


Gofu Juu


The Wyche


Friday 7th March

I'm very happy to see how your children are making arts from the things you bought. I will send to British council all photos to make some stories and the other schools in the world will learn it. We started to sell our vegetable the man came from the village bought lots of bunches we got 20000 Tanzania money that money will help to buy milk three weeks. Thank you God

Friday 30th January

The new school year has begun at Gofu Juu here are some pictures of the new Standard One class settling into their class and enjoying their ugi and fruit.

Friday 13th December

All at Gofu Juu are now on their long holiday before starting their new school year in January. Esther and Flora attended a conference in Moshi, Tanzania.

Friday 27th September

Yet another bumper harvest from the gardens at Gofu Juu. They really have got ‘green fingers’ (this means they are natural gardeners!!). The children enjoy the fruits of their labour and enjoy a hearty lunch. Just look at the length of the lunch queue!


Friday 13th September

The oldest children are busy doing their exams. They all enjoy meals of ugi, rice and beans to help them focus, concentrate and do their very best.

Friday 17th May

Esther heads off to Moshi (north of Tanga ) for a teaching conference funded by the British Council.

Esther, Flora and Eda are excited to be heading off to Dar es Salaam to begin their journey to the UK, arriving 6th June.

Friday 10th May

School has harvested a bumper crop of paw paws


Friday 26th April

The children at Gofu Juu have been busy in the garden. The children also had lessons in traditional tribal African dance

Workers Day – a day to celebrate all workers in Tanzania. Esther and the teachers set of on a parade through Tanga which ended in a gathering at Tanga football stadium. Teachers heard speakers and took part in a tug of war tournament which, Esther was proud to announce, the teachers won!

Friday 19th April

The children went to work with an artist to learn how to work with coconut shells and papers

Friday 15th March

The children at Gofu Juu have been busy making ‘charcoal’ (Esther’s word for it) by soaking paper in water for three days, then forming the pulp into a ball, it then dries in the sun for 3 days and can then be used as fuel for cooking ugi at school.
Children have been busy playing cricket during their break time
A parcel of balls of wool, requested by Esther, sent by Mrs Smith has arrived at Gofu Juu and the older pupils are now busy learning how to knit teddy bears.

Friday 8th March 2013

Hello my dear friend! The weather condition in Tanga is becoming very hot day after day, temperature goes up to 30 degrees. I sometimes just wish to be there (at your place) to see the beautifully snows falling from the sky. I can imagine how good it looks. I wish I could come there and stay even for one day to get a little cold.

We have news we played football against Majani Mapana with Gofujuu v Mbuyuni with Nguvumali. The good news is Gofujuu and Majani Mapana won. But i didn't take photos i forgot the camera! We also played Chumageni (the school linked with Somers Park) and drew 0-0 with them.



.Friday 7th March

Arts club are busy making paper beads to be crafted into necklaces with the coconut shell pieces made by the children at Gofu Juu (bought back from Tanga in October) .We will be selling our jewellery, along with other crafts, at our Summer BBQ to raise money for Gofu Juu.

Friday 13th September

Mr R has not been at school this week he has been visiting schools in Germany. All of the teachers have been on a Maths training course to show them lots of ideas to use in the classroom. Red Class (reception and year 1) entertained their parents with some songs and dancing at their Macmillan Tea Party. The parents donated over £80 to go towards the charity which helps people suffering with cancer.

Friday 13th September

A new school year has started at the Wyche.  We have welcomed 20 new children into our reception class all other classes have settled back and are busy getting started on their new topics.

Friday 17th May

The year 6 class have completed their annual SATS assessments and have celebrated in style by spending 3 days at Oakerwood activity centre where they engaged in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. 

Mr Rutherford headed off on a 3 day conference with other heads from Malvern.

On May 24th we broke up for our weeks holiday.

Friday 10th May

On Monday we had a day off to celebrate May Day with our families

On Wednesday a group of children entered a swimming gala with other local schools and a group attended Worcester Warriors rugby club to take part in a Rugby tournament

Friday 26th April

We too have been busy gardening and planting lots of vegetables in the garden and raised beds both in the top and bottom garden
Yellow class have been out and about in town taking photos of  to help them in creating their brochures to advertise Malvern. KS1 visited church to learn about how babies are baptised

 Next week we have a day off school to celebrate May Day.

Friday 19th April

We won the tag rugby tournament on Friday

KS2 will be working with a singing artist Randolph Matthews on Tuesday 23rd April

Friday 15th March 2013

We took part in supporting a national Charity day (comic relief) by dressing in clothes from different decades from the past and learning lots of dances.
We played football against Somers Park and drew 0-0, interestingly enough the same score as the two African link schools achieved when they played each other in Tanga (see Gofu Juu 8th March)
Yellow Class (Y1/2) have launched their chocolate recipe book and it is now on sale at Mrs Barkers book shop
Green class (Y6) have been out trying out and racing their self built Downhill Racer cars.