Welcome to the Gofu Juu Website

Gofu Juu is our link school in Tanga, Tanzania

The link supports the curriculum and helps children to develop an a rich understanding of different cultures, customs and traditions
The two schools work on joint curriculum curriculum projects and uses technology to forge first hand links
The school  also supports the orphans of Gofu Juu  through Wychumvi - the school's own charity

Audio Files       Life at Gofu Juu       Wychumvi
Download these files  recorded by the teachers from Gofu Juu to learn more about Tanzania     Each week Esther (the headteacher at Gofu Juu) sends us an update on the school.    

African Dance     Mrs Harrison's Tanzanian Diary    
Have a look at this video of Esther and Charles teaching the whole school an African dance     Learn about Tanzania through the thoughts and reflections of Mrs Harrison who visited twice    
Tanzanian Artefacts     Gofu Juu School Badge    
Learn more about the history and the use of various objects from Tanzania Learn more about Gofu Juu through the school badge which tells you about the school's history
The Gofu Juu Kitchen Project     Gofu Juu School staff     Wychumvi is the school's charity that seeks to support the work of feeding the orphans at Gofu Juu Primary School
Click here to download a pictorial progress report on the Kitchen project     Click here to see a picture of the staff at Gofu Juu