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Friday Letter



20th March 2020


Mon 23rd March – until advised otherwise        

The school will be closed to all except the children of key workers and those with a social worker or EHCP. We realise that key workers will have a varying shift pattern over the next few weeks and should be grateful if you could keep us updated as to when your child will be in school.

                              Children in school will need to come in uniform and bring their PE kit. 

Hot meals               Black Pepper have updated the online ordering facility on their site to enable those children in school to still receive a hot meal. Please can we ask you to update this regularly as your shift patterns become known. 

Free School Meals  Children who would normally receive free school meals who are not coming into school are eligible for a basic food care package from Black Pepper. These will take the form of labelled bags, available from the school reception on a weekly basis, containing items such as: rice, pasta, jacket potatoes, carrots, carton of juice, biscuits and dried soup. These are not intended to be individual meals, but to supplement food you will already have at home. Please email the school office if you are eligible for the package but do not wish to receive one. Black Pepper are intending to send the packages into school by Tuesday each week.  

Messy Church         Please note that the March Messy Church in March has been cancelled due to the ongoing virus situation. They are very sorry, but thank you for your understanding.  

Friends                   “To make sure our children can keep in touch with one another whilst the school is closed, we are in the process of setting up some social videoconferencing slots to start next week. No special equipment or abilities required, just a phone or computer! Further details will be posted on the Facebook group Friends of the Wyche, in the parents WhatsApp group, or failing that please contact Steverobson1@hotmail.com or 07971 782891.” 

Finally                     So two weeks earlier than expected I find myself writing my last Friday letter and that in the most surreal of circumstances. I just wish to thank you all for the kind words and sentiments expressed towards me you have passed on to me over the past week they were all much appreciated.

It seems only appropriate in my final communication with parents to say thank you to you all for all the support you have offered myself and the staff over the years. As the Ofsted team found the parental community are our strongest advocates and you should not underestimate the power of that in a school like ours. I wish you all the best as I move on and trust that the school will continue to remain a unique beacon of educational excellence in the years to come. My thanks and best wishes to you all.


A message from Rev Dave & Rev Peter at St Andrew’s & All Saints

As we continue to move into uncertain times with coronavirus, I want to just let you know that St Andrew’s & All Saints church is here to support you if you need in the coming weeks. Although church services in person have been suspended, we are going to stream two services online each week (details on our website: www.standrewsandallsaints.org) with some activities for children in the package too, so you can watch from the comfort of your living room! We’ve also set up a special email (prayoneforme@standrewsandallsaints.org) that you can use to send in anything you would like us to pray for you at this time, and we’ll be gathering at noon every day to pray for these things in one of our churches. We are also mobilising the young and fit of our congregation to support those in need through phone calls, shopping etc. If you require any support at all, including pastoral support from me, please contact our church office (01684 576582 email: administrators@standrewsandallsaints.org) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Other information will appear on our website and Facebook page in the coming days, so please do keep in touch, know we are here for you and keep safe. Our prayers will be with you.


Geoff Rutherford