Darren Knott
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Darren Knott came into school to work with the children
in Orange and Green class on Monday

Darren created a mix of music from 20 tracks chosen by each child in Green class

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in MP3 format

The Wyche Mix

He then showed the children how to create similar music on the school's recording studio and on the Apple Mac computers in the music studio.


Message from the Children

Thanks Darren we loved your visit and thanks for coming in to share with us all you do. We think you are really cool!


Darren Knott

Who is Darren Knott?

DJ, music maker, radio producer and presenter, Darren Knott (alias DK) is a key component in the Ninja Tune live shows and one of the main driving forces behind the legendary Solid Steel radio show.

In 2001 he released the ‘Solid Steel presents Mix CD on Ninja Tune alongside DJ Food and toured on 4 decks with Strictly Kev (DJ Food) throughout the World. The Solid Steel mix CD was critically acclaimed achieving compilation of the year in Q, DJ Magazine, Time Out and Seven plus compilation of the month in Jockey Slut and Dazed & Confused.

Previous tours also include the well received US Tour with Coldcut and a European Tour with fellow Ninja artists Kid Koala and PC (DJ Food). DK has teamed up with Ninja Tune on various gigs, DJing both nationally and internationally.

Regular presenter and producer on Coldcut’s infamous Solid Steel Show, formerly on Kiss FM Radio and BBC London he has been instrumental in
syndicating the show to over 30 radio stations worldwide.

Studio work has included the track Arcane by Arc on the Xen Cuts compilation and remixing Timber for Coldcut, a remix for The Cinematic Orchestra and various releases on independent labels. His Djing style is an eclectic mix from Jazz induced beats to Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, funky breaks, trying to avoid a night of one style of music and leaving room for both the latest tunes and classic rarities.

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