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The Wyche Curriculum

Gofu Juu, Tanga Tanzania



The Problem with Plastics - Green Class presentations

(i) The History of Plastics

(ii) The Plastic Problem

(iii) How plastic affect animals and nature

(iv) What is the future of plastic?


Anti Bullying Powerpoint

This powerpoint has been produced by the children at the school
Click on the above link to download


Back in Time - Yellow Class History



Click here to access Orange Class' Star War Films



Song written and performed  in the school Recording Studio
by Lily May (Ft Amy Goacher and Amelie Down)


Easter Service - The Crucifixion by Green Class



Green Class broadcast their Autumn Watch programme live from the school



Brownie the War Horse
The Role of Horses in World War 1



School of the year nomination - Worcestershire Cricket Club



Out of Africa - Board Game Instructions



The Baker Ross advert on TV
Featuring the children in Year 6



  Slimbridge Video



Film made for Malvern Tourist Board
Blue Class



Coming Soon - Dr Who
Malvern Theatres (Orange Class)



**** As Featured in Alan Peat's new Book****
"The Elves and the Shoemaker - Teacher's Resource"

Click here to listen to the Year 6 adaptation of the Elves and the Shoemaker

To best way to listen is to right click and "Save target as..."
and download the file onto your computer and listen from there


Beth sings "Who will buy" from the musical "Oliver"
which she originally performed in Blue Class' production
"Marvellous, Magnificent Malvern" at the Coach House theatre


The Festival of Speed

The following project was undertaken by Year 6 and has been captured by
the Bloodhound Team who are seeking to break the land speed record
Throughout the project the children worked alongside their engineers
supported by Mr Tillett who acted as their local ambassador .
This film is a summary of their term's work and was shown in the House of Commons
as an example of excellent practice in primary schools  





Love - Song written by Different Direction
Click here to listen to the track or right click to download

From Yesterday - Song written by Shockwave
Click here to listen to the track or right click to download




Download the MP3 file version of their song

Orange Class Takeway Orders
Too late to order now but why not look at our takeaway menu
delivered to your door by Mr Rutherford and Mr Westwood

Animals Rule
(The Blue Class Magazine)

(The Orange Class Magazine)

These films were created by the Year 6 class as part
of their "Healthy Lifestyle" project



Need a new ringtone?
Click here to listen or download Hannah and Martha's winning ringtone

Click here to hear the Blue class Storysack Fairy Tales

The World War Two Video


Click here to download Darren Knott's DJ mix

Click here to hear David Lowe's song for the Eurovision Song contest
that features children from Years 4 and 5


Click here to hear the Year 6 singing
"This is the time and the season"

(Recorded on the school's Recording Studio)